Parent Curriculum Resources

Build Your Student's Resume
Our very own Janna Delany, GEARUP Site Facilitator, talks about how to build your student's resume for college.
ESC12 Early Childhood Facebook Page
Gifted and Talented Parent Friendly Site
Parents, need information about "gifted and talented"? This is an excellent, parent-friendly site.
Gifted Students Institute - SMU
Southern Methodist University - Gifted Students Institute: Speakers in the field of gifted education are a regular part of SMU's Distinguished Lecturer Series. Information about this series and other
opportunities for gifted students is available at this site.

HB5 Video Resources (English and Spanish)
The Institute for Public School Initiatives at The University of Texas at
Austin has shared several video resources related to House Bill 5. The link to
these videos is located on the ESC Region 13 House Bill 5 web page. Resources

Parent message
Endorsement areas
Career videos

These videos are available in both English and Spanish.
TCMPC Parent Portal
The TCMPC was formed to help schools operate in a way that allows teachers to do what they do best - educate students. By providing schools a resource aligned with what the state of Texas has determined students are expected to learn (TEKS), teachers can spend more time focusing on students and improving the learning environment in schools.

The TCMPC is dedicated to helping schools maximize resources in order to advance students’ academic success.