My School Bucks

Option 1: Cafeteria Prepayment
You can send in prepayments at any time to be deposited in your child's account. This is not a charge account, it is a debit account. You may pay for meals by the day, week, or month with cash or check. Our electronic system, allows each student to have an "account" with us. This means that money is deposited into the account and then the student can purchase food items using that account balance only. At mealtime, the student can scan their issued meal card (Elem only) or input his/her personal ID number and the computer will access his/her account balance. The cashier will let the student know when their balances are getting low. Letters are also sent home with the students when the balance becomes negative.
Please make checks payable to the school cafeteria. Students can turn in their deposits anytime Monday through Friday. You can also make the check for multiple students. Please do not include payment for other school events in the money for meal accounts.
Option 2: Online Prepayment is an online payment system that has been established so parents have:
"No more worries about forgotten lunch money."
This convenient, easy and secure online prepayment service will allow you to deposit money into your school meal account at any time. By having money in your account prior to entering the cafeteria, we find the lunch lines move along much faster.
At MySchoolBucks parents can make prepayments to their children's school meal accounts at any time, track item purchases, create low balance alerts and setup automatic and recurring payments.
You will also have the ability to print out a copy of your recent purchases online via a history report which lists all dates and times of breakfast and/or lunch purchases within the past thirty days.

If you have any questions concerning either of the two pre-payment options please feel free to call Sherri Vann at (254) 853-2172 x4050.